Remember when SPACE JAM first came out in 1996?

It was a huge success. The first pairing of real life stars with the characters of the Looney Toons. It was a mix of live action and animation telling the story of Michael Jordan's first retirement from the NBA and how Bugs Bunny needed his help.

The movie was met with mixed reviews but topped the box office and grossed nearly $230 million worldwide. I was in middle school when it came out and I remember it being all the rage for everyone. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing about the movie, the companion video game, etc.

Well, if you have ever watched ESPN television, you know they do a series called '30 for 30.' The show looks back at great moments in sports and tells the story behind them. So leave it to someone to actually create a spoof of '30 for 30' with an episode based on SPACE JAM.

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