Two men, one woman, all speed debating the latest hot topics in pop culture because they are all Great Debaters!

I have expressed my opinion about Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Taylor Swift on the Great Debaters before, I have expressed my opinion about them on-stage at Trick Shot in Clifton Park and I have expressed my opinion in this video as well and I will keep on telling people that Kim, Kanye and Taylor Swift or full of it and bad for your health.

I have Pokemon GO on my phone, I am a level 7, I am terrible at the game but I keep it on my phone and I keep playing it to annoy people who hate it.

As I said in the video, my issue with the Ghostbusters reboot is that it is a reboot, I hate reboots.

Christina Ricci was my childhood celebrity crush and she is still my celebrity crush because I think it will show her that I am not afraid of commitment.

I know that this is all no different from what I say in the video, but things always look more official on the internet.

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