Sheen has already booked two shows, and it looks like he has an offer to sing for a rock band too.


So who in the world would want Charlie Sheen to sing for their band? The answer of course is Devo. My God, what an unbelievably fantastic idea! A bizarre band that more or less is a ‘one hit wonder’ takes the most talked about crazy man in the world on the road with them to sing and go on rants. I can see it now, in the middle of the set Devo could have some improv jam where Sheen could just go off on whatever his tirade of the day is while drinking Tiger-Blood on stage. It would be f--king nuts! It would give Charlie something to do, and could put Devo back on the map like they’ve never been before. Seriously, this is a genius-like idea that would have all sorts of cracked out David Byrne overtones. Read more here to find out what original member Gerald Casale has to say about Sheen.

So, if that’s not enough for you how about paying to see Charlie as a stand-up comic? I’m guessing it’s probably more of him just whining and about winning and warlocks, but it still has the potential to be quite a show. He’s already booked 2 gigs, April 2nd in Detroit and April 3rd in Chicago. Click here for ticket info.

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