On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they sent Producer Joe to Starbucks to discuss Race Issues. Starbucks has recently launched a campaign, encouraging their employees to discuss Race Issues with customers.


Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign has already caused this awkward moment on MSNBC:

First they try to tell us that:  Small, Medium and Large is Tall, Grande and Venti. Now they want to tell us what to talk about over coffee. They want to tell us what good coffee is! and they don't even put the cream and sugar in your drink if you go inside to order one. Instead they point to the condiment bar at the other end of the store!

I work for Starbucks.... On the week ends. I am a cashier.

I will discuss race with you, when I ask how to spell your name. Because as you all know, I am a terrible speller. However in my opinion if you are born in America, then you are a American.

It's great and all that Starbucks wants us to start discussing the important issues facing our country, but most people who go to Starbucks are their to get a cup of coffee to wake them up. Others go to study and take advantage of free Wifi, I don't think they want to discuss race.

Maybe their was a typo in the memo. It's NASCAR season, maybe they really wanted their employees to discuss the races and not race.