Steven Adler has shared his plans to pay tribute to the Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction album, and now he's got the voice in place to do so. Constantine Maroulis will sing for Adler's Appetite on their forthcoming Australian tour as well as more dates later in the year after making his live debut with the band May 10 at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles.

Fans may remember Maroulis for his run on the fourth season of American Idol, bringing more of a rock presence to the singing competition. He's also put those pipes to use singing in the stage production of Rock of Ages.

Maroulis tells Billboard, "Of course, Guns N' Roses was the soundtrack to my youth. To play with Steven has been the highlight of my career. He's a lovely guy, and his playing on Appetite was second to none, and that sound he made on it defined that whole generation's sound." The collaboration came about through their respective managers and after an introduction, they tested things out with some studio sessions.

Adler is thrilled with his choice, stating, "This guy Constantine, who I call 'Casanova'... he came up to New York and I'm like 'Oh my God, I got this great rock and roll singer!'" He adds, "I'm finally working with a real superstar again ... He flew up to New York and within five minutes I wanted to kick his fuckin' ass! And within 10 minutes I fell in love with him!"

As for the decision to tackle the classic Guns N' Roses album, Maroulis states, "The crux of it will be celebrating the Guns N' Roses catalog with a new take. ... They're out there playing stadiums, and really Steven should be in the band. We're out to prove we sound great and his presence is sorely missed in the big band as well."

The singer continues, "It definitely celebrates that era, and the shows will be a party that will definitely bring you back to the fun of the Sunset Strip in the mid-to-late '80s. It's a great story of redemption to tell, and I'm excited to be part of it. I know [Steven] wants to play with his friends again and I feel like I can help him get there by having them see how great he sounds and how great we sound."

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