2003 was a great year for music, there was a movement going on with different styles. You had the Ozzfest era bands of Disturbed, Korn, and Godsmack - Then you had the Vans Warped Tour bands like The Used and Story of the Year.

Both styles enjoyed equal success during this time and it's amazing to think it's been 10 years since then. Not so crazy enough that Story of the Year had decided to release a new "vision" of their debut LP "Page Avenue."

The band announced earlier this year plans to release the "new version" of the album called "Page Avenue: 10 Years & Counting." One report claimed the album would be an all-acoustic vision, but later the band would say "...10 Years & Counting" would feature new visions of each song, not just acoustic versions.

The band spoke with Pure Volume during the premiere of one of the fan favorites from the album, "Dive Right In" - which you can listen to below.

Guitarist Ryan Phillips spoke about the tune:

I really love driving and flowy vibe the acoustic guitar provides in this song in particular.

We felt like the song needed to open up a bit more and breathe, so we created an alternate bridge. That stuff is really fun for me.

And I love, love, love the programming and pianos in this song—not over the top, and they have a reason and purpose for being there. There is nothing worse to me than production for the sake of production.

Lead singer Dan Marsala adds:

It's a metaphorical song about just wanting to give up. It was really fun to go back and record the vocals again and relive what it means to me.

It was super fun to re-work the bridge and give it a more flowing acoustic vibe. Awesome song!

Reliving what it means is something I do every time I listen to the original release of "Page Avenue." To this day I can sit down with the album, enjoy the music, and think back to great memories created many moons ago on those summer nights in my hometown. That's a true testament to any album for a music fan. I personally can't wait until this Tuesday (Oct. 8) for the full release of "...10 Years & Counting."

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