On Aug. 11, Stryper guitarist Oz Fox fell and suffered a seizure onstage while playing with his other band Sin City Sinners in Las Vegas. He was hospitalized and his wife, Annie Lobert, has been keeping fans up to date about the guitarist's condition. In two new posts, she revealed Fox has two tumors and has since been released from the hospital; he has to wait six months to see if one of the growths gets larger.

"The tumor by the ear is not as much concern as the one by the back of the right brain. They are both inoperable," Lobert wrote on Facebook in an update. She explained Fox was given the choice of doing a biopsy on the "tumor in the back" which was "about an inch" and that "there will be risk involved." The other option was to wait six weeks and have an MRI determine if any growth had taken place. Initially, Fox opted for the biopsy, but the neurosurgeon later recommended the pending MRI after consulting with another surgeon.

Lobert said in a subsequent post that Fox was released from the hospital and was given "heavy seizure meds and blood pressure pills." He is currently at home and not to be left alone until doctors say otherwise. She did list a "few problems" which can be read below

Oz is in ALOT of pain: (but refuses to take narcotics) Tylenol only.

1. His tongue is raw from being severely bitten from seizuring (cannot eat)
2. His arm is extremely sore from falling down on stage. Severely bruised & puffed up. His head too!
3. He is having extreme headaches & nausea from the seizure meds.
4. He has had no appetite & cannot eat

—We are asking for prayer for:

—the new doctors—that they would be super focused & full of wisdom if our next steps for Oz’s recovery!

—Side effects of the meds to lesson—no more severe headaches & lethargy

—For Jesus to continue to heal him so he doesn’t need ANY surgery!

—Finances not to be a hinderance to his care, that we may persevere no matter what we’re facing.

A GoFundMe page to help cover medical expenses has been launched and to make a donation, go here.

Stryper's Australian tour, which starts tonight (Aug. 17) will continue as planned with the band performing as a trio. They have, however, canceled their upcoming shows in Japan.

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