For the longest time McDonalds was the largest restaurant chain in the world but no more!  Subway has now taken that title away from Mickey D's.


Maybe it's the fact that the world is trying to get healthier or maybe its the $5 foot long's but Subway is now the largest restaurant chain in the world.  They now have just over 1,000 more stores than McDonalds surpassing them as the biggest chain.  Experts says that Subways international chains could out number the ones here in the states.  Though McDonalds is still the world leader when it comes to food sales.

For a while Quizno's took away from some of Subways sales, but most Quizno's chains seem to be closing down.  Subway is now reigning supreme in the sandwich world.  Me personally I would rather have a Subway sandwich than a greasy burger and fries.  The fact that America is trying to eat healthier has really beefed up Subways popularity in the states.  Plus, who can resist a $5 foot long?  Not I.

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