With the release of Suicide Silence’s first single from their upcoming self-titled album came a tremendous amount of division. Criticism for “Doris” has been vicious at times, but vocalist Eddie Hermida isn’t sweating it.

As of this posting, the music video for “Doris” has over 660,000 views with 11,700 likes and 19,500 dislikes. While some fans have embraced Suicide Silence’s experimentation with clean vocals and atmospheric progression, others have gone so far saying late vocalist Mitch Lucker is “rolling over in his grave.”

“Those comments, to me, they’re coming from such a place of pain,” Hermida told us. “[It’s] almost like that’s not what they’re really saying. What they’re really saying is, ‘Hey, I’m hurting, this song made me feel more hurt and I need to put that on the Internet to see. Please pay attention to me.’ I go and I read all of the comments, so please give me everything you’ve got, because I love it. I love every second of it.”

Eddie also spoke about Suicide Silence choosing not to rest on their laurels and feeling like they had committed that sin on 2014’s You Can’t Stop Me. “If we went down the same path that we were on, we knew that the band was going to fall off,” Hermida revealed. “We knew that our hearts were not in it. It’s really difficult to see your friend die and pick up the same musical style that kind of led him into the dark place that he was in. I’m not blaming the music scene for how Mitch was or how he felt, but it played a huge factor.”

Check out our full chat about “Doris” with Suicide Silence’s Eddie Hermida in the exclusive clip above! Suicide Silence will be unleashed Feb. 24, so click here to pre-order the album.

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