When I heard about this, I immediately had a flash of the Monty Python sketch of the Spanish Inquisition. Just the way I found out made it kind of ironic and funny. I found out about this, on Facebook. Yes, the most heavily trafficked social networking website in the world. The irony of course that flash mobs are supposed to be a surprise and it was a posted public event. "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"After reading their event page, and digesting it a little, I kind of have to disagree with some of this protest. But first, let me set it up. They want to protest the commercialization and perversion Christmas and and the Holiday season. I agree, that big business has made Thanksgiving and Christmas and many other holidays very commercial with big sales to get customers in to the stores. But this time around, I'm not as critical because many companies need the sales this year because of the economy. I can't begrudge them too much, because if they don't make money, more people are out of work. It's different when you don't have 9% unemployment, and 100 people all gunning for a part time job that pays minimum or just slightly above. And for the record, I do support the "Occupy" movement. I feel I am one of the 99%. But I gotta say, part of this plan, to me, seems to have a flaw.

The plan is, to sing funny Christmas carols at the food court and by Santa's area at both Crossgates and Colonie Center. I see why, lots of people at these 2 places and a good way to get seen and heard. But I have an issue with Santa. The kids are there doing nothing but seeing Santa. The thing is, what happens if the mall calls the cops, and some people decide to "take one for the team" and get arrested, peacefully I'm sure. But still, the image of someone getting hauled away for protesting Santa? Yes, we as adults know that's not what your doing, but what about the kids? What do you think a 5 or 6 year old is going to take away from that?

I know I have the grumpy pants on here, but the guy at Crossgates that does the Santa photos? I know him and he's a really nice guy and he's just trying to make a living like you and I are trying to do. He's an independent business man. This could affect his business. Isn't he one of the guys you're standing up for? And lastly, this is an opportunity to really put some spin on the negative effects of the Occupy movement for those that don't like what you're doing. A picture of a group of people "protesting Santa". I would need Dramamine for that one. One's perception, is their reality, or seeing is what you believe in.

I agree with what you are saying, and I applaud your inventiveness for this, and I think you may want to either tread very carefully or move the second half of the protest down the hall or something. If it was my kid and you ruined seeing Santa for her, you would definitely lose  my support.

and now for something, completely different...