A British study of 2,000 women revealed ladies believe all men are flawed, with the best guys rating no better than 69% on the perfect scale. 

The survey, commissioned by Remington, asked women to align things their guy does with 20 common male imperfections such as being gassy, being lazy and watching too much sports on TV. Or as every guy calls it: the weekend. Seriously, with a few exceptions, guys may look at the list of female-assessed imperfections as a de facto checklist of things to do on a Saturday. “Well, stunk up the entire second floor of the house. Check that off the list!”

Among the most unforgivable offenses the women surveyed mentioned were “leaving the toilet dirty,” “not making an effort with her family” and “using her toothbrush.”

To be sure, all of those are flaws, but when you compare them to “stealing dinner by sneaking it into your pants,” “punching cars while roaming the streets naked” and “asking her to pose naked inside a dead horse you just shot,” well, you are looking like the male lead character in a Nicholas Sparks novel.

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