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Flying High? TSA Won’t Take Your Pot at Albany Airport
When you go through the Albany International Airport checkpoint you won't have to worry about having a small amount of marijuana on you. If you have a small amount of pot, TSA agents and police will no longer seize it, arrest you, or even issue a ticket not just at Albany International Airport but airports across New York state. Officials say it's not something security officers are looking for when they pat you down or search your bags.
Five Things Monte Would Do If He Won Dumber Than Zane Trivia
The prize pot for Dumber Than Zane Trivia has grown to $5,600 smackers!  Eric Zane of your morning show, Free Beer and Hotwings, challenges you to trivia every Thursday morning at 8:30 AM.  The pot starts at $400 and if nobody beats Zane, the pot rolls over and another $400 is added.  Given the size of the prize this week, I thought about how I could spend that cash here in the 518.

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