New ‘Workforce Lunch’ Request Hour on Q1057
Don't let the work week drag you down.  Request and hear your favorite artists with our new feature, the 'Workforce Lunch' on Q1057. Work is hard enough as it is.  We want to break up your work day, and make your lunch rock by playing your favorite rock artists by request...
Enter to Win
Rock on the Range 2017 is SOLD OUT but the Q has a pair of tickets we want to give to YOU plus we'll take care of your travel and lodging!
Who To Rock Out With On The 4th of July?
Every 4th of July I experience the same dilemma of trying to decide which band or solo act to listen to, however it can't be just any band or solo act because it's the 4th of July and that band or solo act has to be 'All American.'
Build A Better Halftime Show! (VIDEO)
#@yonce has been added to the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, she will join Coldplay in reminding everyone watching Super Bowl 50, that it is time to visit the restroom. I remember a simpler time, when real bands performed at the Super Bowl...
Josh Todd Opens Up
The frontman of Buckcherry joined me on my show on Q103 and shared the secret to ensuring that you sound good on the concert stage.

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