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Happy Presidents Day America
I hope that you're all enjoying your day off and listening to The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show on Q103. Or I hope that you are sleeping in and reading this later on in the day. I hope your doing whatever you want today because it is your constitutional right, to do so, on Presidents Day!
‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 6 Finale Books First Lady Michelle Obama
Just when you thought 'Parks and Recreation' had found its holy grail of political guests stars in Vice President Joe Biden (still holding out for Hillary Clinton), the impending season 6 finale has really upped the ante. First Lady Michelle Obama will appear in the season 6 closer this coming April, but should we expect a Pawnee visit, or a return trip to Washington D.C.?
Obama Prom Photos Have Surfaced
As high school students are getting their prom photo back. We get a glimpse of the Prez's prom photos. Our commander and chief believe or not was once a care free high school student
The White House Is Now on Tumblr Because of Course It Is
The Official White House Tumblr sounds like a parody website that would be full of political snark and GIFs. But it's not a parody. The recently launched page is actually the official Tumblr for the White House. Like, for real. But that doesn't mean there isn't snark and GIFs...

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