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3 Lil’ Birds Say Bob Marley’s Son Looking Upstate to Grow Pot Biz
The marijuana business is starting to ramp up in New York state and it seems that everyone is going to try and get growing. There is someone's son who seems like a perfect fit to throw his hat in the marijuana-growing business. He is the son of legendary reggae star and well-known supporter of marijuana, Bob Marley.
10 People Proudly Getting High on Twitter for Bob Marley’s Birthday
Today would have been Bob Marley's 68th birthday. The legendary musician and activist still has quite a following, despite passing away almost 22 years ago. One of the big differences between then and now is that now most people feel the best way to express their appreciation is to smoke a bunch of weed and then write about it on Twitter...
Chris Cornell Celebrates Bob Marley Week On Jimmy Fallon [Video]
30 years ago today is when the legendary Bob Marley died of cancer. And to honor this influential artist Fallon is featuring tributes to the late great one all week. Monday it was his son Ziggy Marley who mentioned that his father nicknamed him Ziggy after a small joint (everyone seemed to get some joy out of that tidbit), and here you can see Cornell playing
The World Needs More Bob Marely [Video]
With today being 4/20 I played a little something different on the Riff this afternoon. It was so refreshing to hear a little Bob the radio. And with the summer coming (and gigging more frequently) I decided it was time to add a few songs to my own repertoire including some Marley.