My Crazy Night With Eddie Money.
I'm grateful for the several times I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Eddie through my years in radio. He was kind, and funny and pretty crazy. One story sticks out in my mind and here it is.
Cincinnati vs Xavier College Basketball Bench Clearing Brawl [VIDEO]
With 9 seconds remaining and after a steady stream of trash talking, the fists started swinging in this college basketball heated rivalry between 8th ranked Xavier and Cincinnati. Both benches cleared as a brawl started on the court.  As the coaches tried to pull players away, the ref's ca…
Who’s Hot In Hoops? [VIDEO]
I’ll tell you who’s hot… Me! I may have been in Florida, but I didn’t take a vacation from picking basketball games. And with the NBA playoffs around the corner and conference tourneys taking place in college there is a lot of action out there. …