Free Advice Friday
Bummed that Labor Day weekend marks the (unofficial) end of summer? On this weeks Free Advice Friday we look on the bright side of summer coming to an end ...
School Closes For Good Weather
Have you ever been in class on a beautiful day only to find yourself spending less time paying attention to the teacher and more time staring out the window, daydreaming about the beach? Well one school in Georgia has the right idea about how to treat beautiful days...
Online Courses for Elementary and High School Students?
In an effort to accommodate students with varying levels of advancement and in reaction to state budgetary cuts, at least 30 states in the US now let elementary and high school students take all their courses online.
According to Evergreen Education Group, a consulting firm that works with online sch…
James Franco–How Do I Host? [Video]
The Oscars are coming up and this year they being hosted by James Franco and the lovely Anne Hathaway.  The problem is that James Franco doesn't know how to host, so he seeks out the advice of director and writer Judd Apatow to figure out how.