David Cross Is Coming To Troy (VIDEO—NSFW)
Comedian David Cross of "Mr. Show with Bob & David," and "W/ Bob & David," is coming to Troy on March 20! He's one of my favorite comedians, whom I have been following for 20 years now. I even went to go se him in "Alvin and the Chipm…
Comedian Attacked During Open Mic
On Free Beer & Hot Wings they talked about the Comedian who were attacked on stage in Washington. Apparently a member of the audience did not like the Comedian's act, when the comedian claimed to be Jesus.
Anthony Jeselnik Preview
Stand-up comic and Comedy Central television host Anthony Jeselnik is set to play the Egg in Albany this weekend. If you have not heard of Anthony then you most certainly hate comedy and probably spend most of your day trying to avoid anything funny.
Alice Cooper And Groucho Marx: An Unlikely Friendship
If you know me at all you know I'm a huge Alice Cooper fan. Now and then I'll find out a random fun fact about him that surprises me and makes me respect him even more. Recently I read that he and late comedian Groucho Marx were good friends back in the day. Read on for more info and to fi…