The NFL Won’t Let Any Other Sport Rule, Not Even for One Month
The NCAA Men's championship is this weekend, the MLB season gets under way tomorrow overseas, Tiger Woods wins for the first time since sleeping with half the population, and the number one thing on ESPN is Sean Payton maybe talking to Bill Parcells about possibly (but not definitely) taking ov…
Do You Suck In Bed? Brush Up On Your Skills Boys
You met this girl a few months ago and you've been trying to get with her ever since. When she finally goes out with you, you feel like you're going to explode. And then before you know it, the good night kiss turns into a good morning romp between the sheets.
Really Can’t Stand When People Tell Lies
Maybe it's because we're human.  Perhaps it's a trait that was inherited through generations.  It could also be because we are under massive amounts of stress.  My question is "why do people lie"?  It drives me nuts!