Wait…How Much Does A Babysitter Make Per Hour?!
If you are a mom, you know it is hard to find great babysitters. When you do, you want to keep them at all costs. A study was done that showed, on average, what a babysitter makes per hour across the country. I couldn't believe the results.
The 12 Days Of Christmas Will Cost Over $100,000 in 2011
The Christmas song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' are the 12 gifts you are supposed to give to your true love.  For the first time ever be  prepared to pay over $100,000  for all items throughout all the verses or 364 items including 42 swans-a-swimming and 42 geese-a -layin…
Have An Extra $845,000 Lying Around?
The Porsche 918 Spyder will cost you a whooping $845,000! Chump change right? Better act fast total worldwide production will be limited to just 918 units.  If you do buy one, Porsche will also give you the opportunity to buy a Porsche 911 for just $160,000. Who says we…
Costly Price Of A Flyover
You know how awesome it is as the national anthem is ending, some fire works go off and then the jets fly over head.  Awesome.  But how much does it cost to have those jets at the game?
The $1,400 Smurf Bill
A little girl and her family were recently hit with a bill for $1400 which she accumulated playing a Smurf game on her iPhone.