You Need This to Be a Bro
Once agian, thank you Craigslist! I didn't know that THIS was the secret weapon I need to be a true bro and make the ladies weak in the knees.
As only a true used car salesman can do, this guy weaves a beautiful tale of BS that makes me want his old piece of crap trucks...
Albany Craigslist Strikes At Q-ruption
So, you are at Q-ruption, the most hardcore show of the summer. You're rockin' out to Of Mice & Men, Marilyn Manson, and Slipknot and you meet the girl of your dreams. What do you do? Hit up the Missed Connections section of Albany's Craigslist, of course!
Albany Craigslist Ad: Fetish Or Fatal
So I was perusing through the Albany SubReddit today, and someone brought up this questionable Craigslist ad:
Women 18 to 35 Wanted for Paid Activity $100 (Albany area)
This may sound strange but I'm looking for a female volunteer who would be willing to go without urinating for 4 hours while con…
Searching For Love In Albany
Next to the guy in Connecticut looking for his farting beauty, this is the second best ad to ever appear on Craigslist. Nine months worth of 'acrimony, emotional chaos, and possibly legal proceedings' are wanted via Mike from Albany.

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