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Free Advice Friday
It' National Coffee Day today! On this weeks Free Advice Friday some advice on where to get a FREE cup of Joe in the Capital Region today ...
National Donut Day
If you're on a diet, through it out the window today because it's National Donut Day and many donut shops are celebrating by giving away free donuts!
Monte’s Favorite Coffee Picks
Ol' Monte loves him a cup of the bean juice from heaven, aka coffee. Luckily for me, there are dozens of places to stop and grab a quick cup while I'm on the run.  Like you, I just don't have time to wait for the home pot to brew in the morning and even if I did, my thermos can&a…
Cure The Blues With A Redbox
As a recently single man back on the market after the better part of a decade, ol' Monte has found a cure to the blues, boredom and dating problems.  There is this wonderful machine, the new love of my life, the Redbox.
The dating scene has changed these days, I'm too old to be scoping out ladies in …