I Want To Give You My Love [VIDEO]
I am Stupid Qpid and starting Monday, February 1, you can sign up to win, a special delivery by me giving your sweetheart a whole lot of love from you.
Roses are red, but my rose is dipped in gold.
I'm hungry for love, but you and your sweetheart are going to be hungry for a romantic dinner...
Netflix and Chill Or Chili Chowdown? You Must Decide
This Friday night, I know you have choices. For instance, there's a girl from work who you are constantly flirting with but you're too timid to take it to the next step. You want to hang out with her, but you're afraid she'll say no, or maybe you're just not sure what t…
Dalton Goes Skating
I experienced ice skating at the Empire State Plaza for the first time and I felt like I was in a real life Richard Curtis film.

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