Rest in Peace
It is with a heavy heart that the Q reports another blow to the rock community. Earlier this evening (December 28, 2015)  it was reported that Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, frontman for Motorhead, passed away today after a brief fight with cancer.
Funerals in Outer Space
Did your recently deceased loved one always want to see the world but never had the chance to? Well now there is a way from them to do just that and possibly encounter an Ewok or Wookie.
Dog Finds Human Bone
Can you imagine? You’re just sitting there in your coffin all dead and what not and suddenly some little no good animal comes along and steals your femur. The nerve of some creatures!
Dead Selfie
I can’t say that this story shocks me. I mean the guy is a “grave digger.” This idea has had to cross his mind at least once or twice and it was only a matter of time, right?
Guy Sees Own Obituary in Newspaper
Sometimes things in life seem so bad that I often wonder if I have died and just didn’t know it yet. But then someone tells me to move out of the way and I realize I’m not I just at some Taco Bell. However in the case of Sven-Olof Svensson of Sweden there was somethin…

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