Halloween Display
So, I am someone who can really appreciate a good Halloween display and this guy may have the best one in the country.
How To Make Thanksgiving Fun (Video NSFW)
I have been searching the internet, trying to find new ways to make Americans appreciate Thanksgiving again, and I think I finally found a way, thanks to the this video on Youtube from Metal Mulisha, who just gave me a great idea. You don't have to draw a turkey on someone's rump, I actually feel very bad for this person, because no one is going to be able to see their turkey art...
Take Down Your Christmas Decorations
Christmas is over, it has been over and the deadline to take down your decorations was yesterday. If your one of those people who refuses to, then be proud of it and don't take them down until May. My tree is still up, but it is going down today and I will tell my son its on vacation. On Free Beer & Hot Wings they were just talking about a incident where a neighbor took it upon themselves to r
Best Birthday Surprise Ever
Let me start with this: I hate birthdays! And for the record, it's my birthday I hate. Especially now. I mean, I'm four years away from 40. The thrill is gone, if that makes sense?  Even though I hate June 15 with a passion, I have to give credit where credit is due.
Real Ghost? Man Makes You Second Guess Your Halloween Decorations
Halloween, the greatest day on the planet for some and a sugary high lasting days and days and days for others. Ghosts, goblins, tricks and treats- it's Halloween my friend, let's do this thing up like a rockstar, like this guy. I mean seriously, to create a flying ghost out of an RC plane is pretty crafty and well worth a view.