Die Hard

Favorite Alan Rickman Quotes (VIDEO)
British actor of film and theater, Alan Rickman passed away today, it doesn't matter whether you remember him from the "Harry Potter" movies, or "Die Hard," because you always knew it was Alan Rickman, from his voice.
Alan Rickman, was one of those actors that never disappointed, …
Die Hard Game
If you've already been out to the theater to see A Good Day to Die Hard, but are still wanting some more action, you can join them! In DIE HARD, from Fox Digital Entertainment, young Jack McClane and dear 'ol dad are ready to kick some more Russian butt. We here at Arcade Sushi thought the game was …
Sing Along With ‘Die Hard: The Musical’
As Bruce Willis and company prepare to unleash 'A Good Day to Die Hard' in theaters on Valentine's Day, we're reminded of the greatness of the original 'Die Hard' flick by this inspired video, 'Die Hard: The Musical.'
Worst TV Dubs [VIDEO]
It wasn't too long ago when ol' Monte turned on the tube just in time to catch one of his favorite movies, Die Hard, on one of the basic cable channels. After about fifteen minutes, I remembered why I tend to hit up the Red Box or pay channels if I want to watch one of my favorite flicks -…