Beware of New Email Scam
News 10 abc has posted about a new FedEx warning regarding e-mail scams.  Specifically, e-mails are being sent to people with the subject "FedEx: Delivery Problems Notification."  The e-mail however leads those who click to a virus that infects their computer...
Rude E-Mail Goes Viral
You have to be careful with what you do online.  Whether it be a facebook post,online purchase or an email, anyone can take that information and use it against you.  Just ask Anthony Wiener, or the mother in law to be who might regret sending this email.
Gas Boycotts — Unrealistic and Can Make Things Worse
Every time there is an increase in the cost of gasoline my inbox and Facebook become flooded with people inviting me to boycott buying gas on a certain day. Most people do this based on an emotional reaction and rarely think if it’ll actually have an impact, let alone a negative one.
The Dethroned Spam King Returns to Society
For nearly 7 years, Robert Soloway was the scourge of the internet. Sending nearly 10 trillion spam emails to innocent inboxes all across the internet. In 2007 he was indicted, arrested and in 2008 plead guilty to mail fraud, wire fraud and a host of other charges that landed him in jail, and the ti…