Son of Sam Serial Killer in Albany for Emergency Treatment
The notorious ‘Son of Sam’ killer, David Berkowitz, who both murdered and taunted police from 1976-1977, is reportedly currently in Albany receiving treatment for a heart condition. As reported by the Times Union, he was transferred from Shawagunk Correctional Facility in Wallk…
911 Operator Tells Caller to 'Stop Whining' [Video]
This is a terrible development in an already tragic story for a family traveling on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in Maryland and stopping to change a flat tire late Sunday night.
The father, Rick Warren, was fatally struck by a passing car just as he was finishing up the tire swap. His fiancee w…
Keep A Radio Handy For Emergencies – Tech Tuesday Extra
Being a Ham Radio operator, one of the things we do is volunteer for helping in times of emergency with communications. We try and stay ready for those emergency situations and here's some of the tech we use and you can use to stay informed on what is going on. I posted a story about this kind …
Snow Emergency List
After dealing with driving or even walking in all this snow, the last thing you want to have happen is to find that your car has been towed! Not all city/town/village governments have snow emergency policies but the ones that do are serious about them. Here’s the list –