Minor Buffalo Ballpark With Major League Memories [PICS]
Over the weekend we had the opportunity to see a major league baseball game at a minor league ballpark. It was an amazing experience. Since the Canadian border is still closed due to the pandemic, the Toronto Blue Jays have been playing their home games at Sahlen Field which is the home of the Buffalo Bisons minor league baseball team. The fans in Buffalo affectionately call them the Buffalo Blue Jays. We got tickets on the first base side where the Tampa Rays were
Disney to Pay $1000 For You To Watch Disney
Talk about an easy way to make an extra $1000 - if you like Disney, that is. Disney+ wants to hire people to watch Disney movies.  Yup.  For the Disney fans, this could be a dream come true.  I mean, for those stone-faced Wednesday Addams out there, this could be torture (not knocking, Wednesday is my childhood idol...
Celebrating 50! Fun and Facts about Woodstock
Happy 50th Anniversary to Woodstock!  The festival, which kicked off August 15th, 1969, left its mark on the music world, and a legacy that remains unrivaled.  It wasn't about having the biggest names (because some of the biggest of that time didn't perform), it wasn't about the money (because it turned into a free show), it was about the music...
Beer Nostalgia! Top 5 Beer Gimmicks To Reminisce About
It's Saratoga Brewfest this Saturday, which made us start to think of, well, beer, and all of the fun that goes with it.  Sure Brewfest maybe all about sampling, but we all remember the days of beer helmets and kegstands too. I recently saw a post about the beerball- the nostalgic mini-keg in the shape of a ball (see a fun photo here) and that got me thinking even more about old beer gimmicks and
Fun Necessities For A Snowstorm
It’s the first big snowstorm of 2019, and we hope everyone is as stocked up and prepared as possible. But aside from the typical and practical necessities- flashlights, shovels, gloves, water, bread, batteries, etc- we wanted to know what else is necessary for a storm...

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