Some New Yorkers are Getting Foodstamps Early Due to Shutdown
Well, here’s another aspect of the government shutdown that has hit New York.
Some New Yorkers have gotten their February food stamps early in fear that the food stamp program will run out of money due to the continued shutdown.  According to a post on newyorkupstate...
Did That Just Happen? Governor Cuomo's 'Revolutionary' Speech
I'm really interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this. By this, I mean Governor Cuomo's recent speech where he basically tried to declare us independent from the federal government.
I mean, of course he didn't actually do this- we're not free of the federal government...
IRS Releases List of Top Tax Scams for 2018
In the thick of tax season, with 'Tax Day' soon approaching, the IRS has released it's "Dirty Dozen" list of the top tax scams of 2018.  Among the tops scams for 2018 are certain phishing scams, phone scams, fake charity scams, frivolous tax scams, and more…
WARNING The Government Is Watching
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they were talking about phantom cell phone towers and the N.S.A. violating our privacy. I am conflicted about this, because the Government is watching me without my permission, but they have never made fun of my spelling and grammar.
Politician Offers Free Shotgun In Campaign [VIDEO]
This is the most brilliant way to get a vote since that time Lisa Delvico offered everyone in my school a free can of Surge if they voted her for student council. Steve French is a candidate for Alabama Legislature, and believes he found a clever way to attract people to his campaign.

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