New York State Ranks One of The Top for Psychopaths
Halloween movies and thrillers may be based on the idea of a psychopath, but it turns out you don’t even need to turn to the movies.
I stumbled across an article about the U.S. states with he most psychopaths.  New York ranked pretty high on the list...
Two More 'Halloween' Movies In The Works
Horror movie fans rejoice!!! Seriously- I know I am.
It looks like not one but two new movies in the 'Halloween' franchise are in the works.
First thing you see on the page is not just names but also release months for two new movies...
Local Kid Bites into Halloween Candy and Finds a Needle
What is wrong with people!
Seriously.  According to News 10 abc, local police are investigating a needle found in some Halloween candy after trick-or-treating.  The horrifying thing?  A child actually bit into the candy bar, and noticed a needle in her candy...
Halloween Movie Picks on the 'Middle Class Movie Review'
Halloween is upon us!  The holiday is fast approaching, and if you want to get in the Halloween spirit, we've got your scary movie picks.  I'm a Halloween fanatic, and Q103's Dan is just a freak, so between the two of us, we put together 10 movies for you to choose from...

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