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How To Deal With Road Rage (Video)
I hope that you are all having a safe commute this Thursday morning, I hope you are keeping your road rage in check. If you feel that you're going to lose it, take some friendly advice, from our friendly neighbors the Canadians.
How to Make Beer
We see it, we love it, we drink it. But how is it made? Sure, I bet you already know there are hops and barley and magic involved, but this video breaks down the process for you.
Man Hacks: How To Defuse an Angry Woman
This week's Man Hack is essential to every man. As men, we are bound to upset a member of the "fairer" sex at times by doing something without even knowing what we did was wrong.
Learn How To Use A Tourniquet And Save A Life
Monday's bombings in Boston was meant to hurt and mangle it's victims. Due to the nature of the Boston Marathon we tend to see a lot of EMS and rescue workers in attendance naturally. But what if this happen somewhere there wasn't a natural risk of injury...