Inventors Inventing Inventions
Earlier today on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they talked about The Face Blanket I am not sure if that is a new invention. I think someone found out that no one ever claimed the fame of being the inventor of The Face Blanket.
Wake-Up Vibe: The Vibrator Alarm Clock For Women
Never again will she wake up grumpy. This new Wake-Up Vibe alarm clock is simply genius. The tone of the day will be set immediately from the moment she wakes up. I need to thank the good people of Wake-Up Vibe for changing the alarm clock game...
Anti-Rape Underwear Is Real? [VIDEO]
Is this new anti-rape underwear for real? I’m all about a product that helps further protect women from horrific monsters, but the way that this product is being presented raises a few questions.
Introducing The Reverse Microwave [VIDEO]
Finally someone has done it! The good people of V-Tex Technology bring you the reverse microwave.
“Ya know, it makes, like, ice so fast. It makes, like, beer ice cold and pizza that’s too hot it makes it, like, a little bit colder so you don’t burn the roof of yo…

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