Joe, from Free Beer and Hot Wings gets shot with painballs
Just in case you missed this segment today. This morning I was listening to Free Beer and Hot Wings and they were talking about this story in the news. During the 12th Annual World Naked Bike Ride held in St. Louis, an angry man came out and started shooting the bicyclists with paintballs.…
Nicolas Cage’s 10 Most Nicolas Cage-y Moments
With 'Joe' about to hit theaters, audiences will soon get a reminder of just how good Cage can be. But let's celebrate his long-awaited return to excellence by combing through his filmography and picking the moments that best define his special brand of craziness. Anyone can be good, …
New Joe Stunt Friday
Word from the show is that once again Producer Joe will be taking to the streets and testing the patients of the elderly.
FB&HW Best Of Continues
The Free Beer & Hot Wings show has been on holiday vacation for about 2 weeks now.  Time is winding down until they return on January 10th.