Department Stores to Go Extinct in the Capital Region in 2019
2019 just barely started, and there are already a few victims!
It looks like in the coming year, a few departments stores will be completely extinct from the Capital Region.  News Channel 13 reported that the Greenwich and Queensbury Kmart stores  will be closing by March, me…
Another Department Store Near the Capital Region is Closing
Another one bites the dust! Another department store around the Capital Region is closing.
The Capital Region has already seen a number of department stores close this past year, from Toys R Us to the Colonie Center Sears.  Now, according to News Channel 13, 33 Sears stores and 13 Kmart sto…
What Could it Be?
Have you driven by this giant abandoned building in Colonie that was once a Kmart? It’s strange to see such a large empty building just sitting on Central Ave.