More Good News Bad News (Video)
It's not 'Fake News', but sometimes I wish it were because in this week's installment of Good News Bad News, I talk about things that are happening in the world today that should not be.
Price Chopper or Hannaford?
In the Capital Region, where you buy your groceries can define what type of person you are. Or it could just be a matter of preference- but don't your preferences define you?
The Perfect Man
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they are going over a list of what makes the Perfect Man, from Esquire. So far we have learned that in order to be the Perfect Man you must; be short, have stubble, be less attractive then your significant other, smoke pot and do housework. I disagre…
Pregnancy Problems & Solutions By A Man
Free Beer just announced that his wife is pregnant with twin boys! Congratulations to Free Beer. His wife however is going to be carrying the twins for another 9 months and she already has a bit of the pregnancy insomnia. There was also talk of some disappointment, because they wanted one of the twi…

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