Are These Cheerleaders Too Hot? (Video)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show They are talking about how The University of Oregon board member thinks that their Cheerleaders are dancing too suggestively. I am not going to show you what they said on the news about it, instead I am just going to let you be the judge.
Officers Deliver Pizza After Crash
Nope, It's not a cop swap. In Portland Oregon, law enforcement officers take 'serve and protect' very seriously. Especially that serve part.
A Pizza Hut driver had been involved in a car crash, and was brought to the hospital to treat injuries...
Oregon School District Repeals Gun Ban
Crazy times we live in now. With the country battling multi-frontal wars, both within and outside our borders. It's very hard to categorize today's issues as black and white. This has forced us to live in a grey world.