Russia Fools Dick Tracy and Hacks the Oscars
Dick Tracy remembered where he had parked the Squad Car but he could not remember what envelope he had in his hands at the 2017 Academy Awards and an anonymous source, who insisted that they are not Madonna wearing a faceless mask, has indicated that the Russians are behind it.
Celebrating The Arquette Family
People have been flipping out about what Patricia Arquette said at the Oscars, but no one is talking about how accomplished the Arquette Family is. How many families can say they have a Oscar winner, a former World Champion and a brother that became a sister. Is there anything the Arquette family ca…
I Got 1 Out Of 4
Congratulations to Julianne Moore on her Oscar win last night. They are talking about the Oscars now on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show making fun of John Travolta. Lets all make fun of John Travolta, but read this blog first.
The Worst Oscar-Nominated Movies of All Time
Every year, when the Oscar nominations are announced, a considerable amount of time is spent debating who was snubbed. But for every film that was expecting to get nominated and didn't, there's a film that no one was expecting to get nominated and did. This is the story of those films. The…
Neil Patrick Harris Hosting the 2015 Oscars
If 'Gone Girl' hadn't made it official already, Neil Patrick Harris remains every bit a star of the silver screen as on TV and stage. And so, the 2015 Oscars have followed suit in recruiting the acclaimed personality to host the Academy Awards on ABC this coming February.

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