10 Adorable Puppies On the Attack
Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stop. We're about to make your day a whole lot better, although we can't really take ownership over the adorableness that's about to ensue-- this one's all on the animals. Are you ready? It's puppy attack time!
Arrest Made in Albany Railroad Puppy Abuse Case
A few months ago we told you the horrible story about how someone nailed some sweet little puppies to the railroad tracks. Today we are really glad to be able to report that the person responsible is now in jail.
Sick Puppies “Rip Tide” Acoustic
This an acoustic version of the Sick Puppies latest single "Rip Tide".  It is an awesome version of the song too.  I think it was Tom Morello that said that if something doesn't sound good acoustically, it's not worth playing.