Weekly Retro Video Game Night Happening in Albany
Well I had no clue this was a thing in Albany.  But now I'm excited about it! Scrolling through events for the summer, I stumbled upon 'Retro Video Game Night' posted on, happening every Thursday.  According to, it's hosted by The City Beer Hall (42 Howard Street) in Albany...
Pin-up Girls: How They Really Looked
Back in the day there was no such thing as Photoshop because computers were as big as a room and their main function was adding two plus two. Pin-up girls were not just an artists imagination or fantasies though - they were based on photographs of real models, and then drawn into the iconic images we fondly remembrer today.
Happy 40th Birthday Atari – Tech Thursday
I don't remember the exact events of that morning, but I do remember the feeling I had as I ripped open the wrapping paper on a great big box and seeing that picture of the iconic Atari 2600 with the square plastic game cartridges floating next to it. I remember the feeling of joy as I read the directions on how to connect it to my parent's TV and started playing Target Fun and Video Pinball. I wa