Sam Darnold

Did the New York Jets Get “It” Wrong Again?
When I first posed the question "Did the New York Jets Get It Wrong Again?" to a long time Jets fan, he immediately responded, "Which "it"?" At first, I was a bit surprised that he didn't know I was referring to the team's number one draft pick in April, Zach Wilson. Then I realized, he knew. He was just making the point that Gang Green fans may be reliving 2018 all over again.
Is New York Jets QB Zach Wilson Better Than Sam Darnold Already?
To me, the comparison to Sam Darnold is important. I have said it time and again, Sam Darnold was at a disadvantage with Adam Gase as his head coach. I am not trying to be funny. Sometimes there are bad head coaches. Gase was one of them. At the same time, Darnold made enough head scratching plays to make you wonder if the Jets missed on him. Given the track record of former Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan, it wouldn't shock anyone if he selected a bust to be his franchise quarterback.