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We Know This Capital Region City is Top US Small City-Now Everyone Does
The Capital Region is proud of its towns, hamlets, villages, and cities no matter how large or small. If you asked anyone in the area to tell you what city they think was a top small city that made the list of the best in the United States, I think most people would say the same one. Now a poll is out that just proves it to the whole country.
$24K Take 5 Winner in Saratoga County-So Close But Wasn’t Me
The Capital Region has been a hotbed lately for New York Lottery's Take 5 winners. The latest winner comes from Saratoga County and I am convinced that it's just a matter of time until I am cashing in a Take 5 winning ticket. I have to admit I was a bit bummed it wasn't me when I found out where the ticket was sold.
$60,000 Take 5 Winner in Saratoga County
There is another lucky Take 5 winner in the Capital Region. This time in Saratoga County. I play Take 5 regularly now because it seems that there are more winners every day in this particular game in our area. I also live in Saratoga County now and I believe the winning ticket will be mine soon after hearing about the latest winner.

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