I Want To Give You My Love [VIDEO]
I am Stupid Qpid and starting Monday, February 1, you can sign up to win, a special delivery by me giving your sweetheart a whole lot of love from you.
Roses are red, but my rose is dipped in gold.
I'm hungry for love, but you and your sweetheart are going to be hungry for a romantic dinner...
It’s Dio Day! (Video)
It's Ronnie James Dio's birthday today, it is also Nikola Tesla's birthday today, Tesla passed away one year after Dio was born, I don't think this is a coincidence.
Israeli Army Babes
So apparently some female soldiers of the Israeli Army are in hot water for posting scantily pictures of themselves on facebook.
Paulina Gretzky
It would be wrong to let this year’s NHL Playoff season begin without highlighting the best thing the NHL has produced, Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina and her spoiled plump apple bottom!
Mega Lucky Kid
Jake Davidson, some noodle armed high school kid asked Kate Upton to his prom via twitter. And today Kate posted a shocking response.

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