Would This Sign Make You Buy A House? [PIC]
Driving through a neighborhood the other day, I noticed a "for sale" sign in the yard of a house with a bit of an incentive on it. I was puzzled. Would this statement on the sign make you buy this house?
West Virginia Business Displays Hilarious Sign
In my latest travels I passed this small business sign for a grooming salon for dogs. I had to do a double take after I read the name “Doggie Styles”. I haven’t come to a conclusion on if this was a well thought out business plan and clever play on words o…
In Flames Sign With New Record Label
Swedish (Gothenburg) Metal quintet In Flames have shockingly been around since 1990. In the past two decades, they've gone through only four member changes. They have also changed record labels five times, and the band have recently announced they have now signed with Century Media Records.