Madison’s Reaction During Hometown Idol Visit [VIDEO]
Tuesday our American Idol, Madison Vandenburg, came home to an amazing celebration as she is one of the final three to win the show. There was a pep rally at her high school and she put on a free concert at the Crossings. Her reaction to it all was priceless.
Capital Region on The Voice
Words can not even explain the excitement we have to see the Capital Regions own Moriah Formica make her television debut on The Voice this season!
And Now For Something Cute (Video)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played audio from a cute cat singing along with it's owner to 'If You're happy and you know it.' It is very cute and very foreign, they do not sing in English, and now I demand that an American one up these foreigners and their cute cat.
Free Beer & Hot Wings: Producer Joe’s ArtPrize Contribution [Video]
Here in Grand Rapids there's an annual art contest called ArtPrize. It's a 19-day city-wide art exhibit in which artists display their work for everyone to see. People and a juried panel then vote on which pieces they think are the best and the winners receive $560,000 in cash prizes. There are many mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculpture and even performance art. One piece was titled

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