Another Arrest at Crossgates, This Time for Stalking
Fights, a stabbing, and now stalking. Crossgates is yet again in the news after a man was arrested this past Wednesday.  Cbs 6 Albany posted about Jamel Jones, a 34 year old male, who was arrested for unlawful imprisonment and stalking...
Local Ice Cream Truck Driver Accused of Stalking Girls
Talk about the stuff nightmares are made of. According to News 10 abc, a local ice cream truck man from Whitehall, NY has been accused of stalking young girls.  Seriously, this is the stuff nightmares are made of!  As if ice cream trucks aren't creepy enough with their music just rolling down the street, now the drivers are being accused of stalking...
World’s Creepiest App, ‘Girls Around Me’ Pulled from App Store – Tech Tuesday
Many stalkers are sad today, because last week, a company that had created the "Girls Around Me" app, that showed you women in your near by vicinity, was pulled from the iTunes App Store. It was based on information gathered from Foursquare and Facebook. When users complained about this app, Foursquare blocked it, now the developer has pulled it, and he's kind of called the kettle black.