Latham's Lost Landmarks
Some of us still remember when Latham, NY was the place to be for entertainment in the Capital Region. I still remember the Starlight Music Theater. It was not always the Starlight Music Theater, it was also known as The Colonie Musical Theater, the Colonie Summer Theater and the Colonie Coliseum...
Dalton Live Tweets From The Strip Club
The other night I found myself in a local strip on behalf of Q103. This night in particular was a little like attending a preseason football game but with strippers. I was at this club to host an amateur night bikini contest but I found myself engaged in so much more. To allow you to get a glimpse through my eyes I live tweeted the entire evening.
Stripper Pole Breaks With Stripper Thinking, Today Sucks [VIDEO]
Oh yeah, you read that correctly. A stripper somewhere in stripper land did what she does best: climbing up a stripper pole. I've learned two things in my 34 yrs of existence: 1- Stripping can't be an easy job. B- Stripper poles never break. I guess I'll file 'B' into 'Stripper poles do break and its kind of funny because it didn't happen to me'.

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