Albany Jeweler Using Forensic Technology to Catch Theives
There's a jeweler in Albany that is raising the bar in an effort to catch criminals. It's a state-of-the-art synthetic technology that will identify the thieves without them even knowing they are caught. It is so high-tech that the thieves will wear it for up to three months without a clue…
To be honest I didn't think these to would be getting away with this for long.
Lark St. Thieves
A couple of lady thieves have been busy today making their rounds around Albany stealing from employees of multiple local business on Lark St.
China Man’s Penis Stolen In His Sleep
Yes, this is a true story! A 41-year-old man living in China actually got his penis chopped off by jealous thieves and was left for dead, all while he was sleeping. What a way to wake up! Hey, it's a long term solution to that annoying morning wood!