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The Top 10 Rock Songs to Get You in the Mood!
Recent horrific news stories may have taken over the nation this past week, but I'm here for some lightheartedness among the tragedy.  And to get you in the Halloween mood (sorry- not the 'Marvin Gaye' type, though you might enjoy some of that action to these rock songs too...
The Top 10 Artists That Have Gone Solo
Over the years there have been many people who have left great bands to do their own solo thing. Some have failed and some have become massively successful. Some have developed huge following while others were left crawling back to their band mates in hopes of rejoining...
Rocks Most Influential Artists
It is a debate that rages on with no definitive answer, but there has to be one most influential artist of all time.  One that spans across all genres to inspire all.
Best In Heavy Metal
In honor of Revolver's Golden Gods awards I have decided to throw together a list of some of the best in heavy metal.  Horns up!
Happy 2011 and the Top 10 songs of 2010!
So... I have to admit that I have always been in to tracking the top songs of the year since...I hate to junior high....or there abouts...Yes..a long...long time. I even used to make a point of taping the Top 100... or what ever of a particular year in those days...
Top 10 Favorite Songs
So we are counting down all kinds of Top 10 lists this new years weekend.  Thought I would throw in my own, my Top 10 favorite tunes of all time.
Top 10 Quotes of 2010
Politicians, athletes and CEO's all making the list.  Republican politician Christine O'Donnell (pictured left) took 2 of the top spots.
Top 10 Lists A-Z
We love countdowns!! New Years Day, Q103 is counting down the Top 10 Lists A-Z. Everything from Alice In Chains to Zeppelin plus everything else in between.