Five Fun Facts: How Well Do You Know Troy?
The Capital District is full of all kinds of fun history, fun things, and even roadside attractions!
It feels like it’s impossible to know everything there is about this area.  Recently, I crashed the Rensselaer County Historical Society for the Work Day Distr…
The Capital Region Is Full Of It! (NSFW Language)
Last week on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show Tracy from the Capital Region beat Eric Zane and the next day they talked about Q103's own Dalton Castle. They just mentioned how much fun our bus drivers are on the show, they can't stop talking about us! but …
Can Someone Please Beat Eric Zane (1-800-947-3979)
It's Wednesday, The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show will be taking qualifiers for "Dumber then Zane Trivia" call 1-800-947-3979 I am tired of hearing people from everywhere but upstate NY try to beat Zane. Sometimes they beat Zane, and win money!
Together We Can Beat Eric Zane
At trivia. It's another Thursday, Dumber then Zane Trivia is coming up on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show and once again it is not a Q103 listener.  This gives you time to prepare, so listen on your radio or our website

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